We appreciate your help.

Thank you for being a part of the trial run for AEP Ohio's latest energy-saving tools. The IT'S YOUR POWER app and Energy Bridge represent new ways of visualizing and controlling the use of electricity, and help you find ways to save with no sacrifice in comfort.

Below is a guide to the various technologies you may have been chosen to receive. If you have any further issues, please call at 877-427-0626 or e-mail YourPowerHelp@aep.com


The IT'S YOUR POWER smartphone app helps you track the amount of electricity you use on a daily basis. Simply use the same sign-on user name and password you use on AEPOhio.com.

Energy Bridge

Once it is linked (bound) wirelessly to your gridSMART® meter, The AEP Ohio Energy Bridge provides real-time, moment-by-moment feedback about your electrical usage to your IT'S YOUR POWER smartphone app.

Communicating Thermostat - rolling out now

The first new communicating thermostats have just been shipped with more planned over the next few months. These new thermostats can be programmed and adjusted remotely using AEP Ohio's IT'S YOUR POWER app and the new Energy Bridge.

This latest technology gives you control of your home's temperature and settings from anywhere in the world...literally.

Check out the "Powerley Installation and Operating Guide" below and you'll be on your way to saving money without sacrificing comfort.

App FAQs

What can I expect from the IT'S YOUR POWER smartphone App?

IT'S YOUR POWER helps AEP Ohio customers who have AMI or smart meters see the amount of electricity they use each day.

When used with the AEP Ohio Energy Bridge, the App displays real-time, moment-by-moment the electricity your home is using.

What else can I do with the IT'S YOUR POWER App?

  • See your electricity use with an overlay of the actual and predicted weather for any given time. Touch the center of the 24 hour usage dial to quickly see the weather.
  • See how much of your electricity use is due to your refrigerator.
  • See how much of your electricity use is "always on" or due to those devices that are plugged in, switched on and always pulling power.
  • Set a budget goal or electricity usage "Target" for your home and see whether you're on track to meet your goal.
  • Use the IT'S YOUR POWER App's Tips and Projects to help you manage your electricity use and meet your goal or target.
  • Participate in Challenges to engage the whole family in managing your electricity use.
  • ….and, if the App is downloaded to an iOS smartphone, use PowerScan to measure the electricity used by any device and estimate how much money it is costing you to run in a month.

What if my home doesn't have a smart meter (AMI meter) yet? What can I expect from IT'S YOUR POWER smartphone App?

Though you will not see your daily or historical electricity usage, you can use three features of the App.

  • See Tips and Projects to help you manage your electricity use and meet your goal or target.
  • Participate in Challenges to engage the whole family in managing your electricity use.
  • ….and, if the App is downloaded to an iOS smartphone, use PowerScan to measure the electricity used by any device and estimate how much money it is costing you to run in a month.

How do I log in?

In order to log into the IT'S YOUR POWER App, first make sure you have created an AEP Ohio My Account. You can do this by either tapping "Don't have an account? Sign up!" on the App login page or by going to www.aepohio.com/account/.

Once you have an AEP Ohio My Account, enter a valid username and password in the required fields then tap "Sign In". Your username and password are the same as you've set up for your online access to AEP Ohio My Account.

What should I do if I need assistance?

If you have not already logged into the App, tap "Contact Us" on the login page of the App and find the contact information for support. You can email support at YourPowerHelp@aep.com or call support at 877-427-0626.

If you are able to access the App, open the menu and tap "Help Center'. From there you are able to create an email or directly call support.

My username and password are not working, what should I do?

Your username and password are the same as you've set up for your online access to AEP Ohio My Account. If you have entered both your username and password correctly and are still unable to sign in, then the first step would be to reset your password. Go to www.aepohio.com/account/ or tap "Forgot your password?" in the IT'S YOUR POWER App and follow the steps there for "Forgot User ID/Password". If the problem persists then contact support at 877-427-0626.

How do I access the navigation menu?

You can access the navigation menu by tapping the horizontal bars, the top left icon, of any screen you are viewing.

How do I log out?

Tap the "Sign Out" button in the menu.

How do I set a Budget goal or Target?

Scroll past the dial to the card below and select Set or Adjust Target. The rest is easy. Make your choice from the dropdown menu. Options for setting your target include "lower my energy use", "maintain my energy use" or "set a custom target". Then follow prompts that are offered for each choice. Please note that the budget is an estimate of electric costs only; it is not designed to predict nor match your actual bill from AEP Ohio.

I've downloaded the IT'S YOUR POWER App and I am seeing historical usage and would like to see how my home uses electricity in real-time. What do I do next?

Request and set up the free Energy Bridge - your key to seeing real-time data and many more future features of IT'S YOUR POWER App. Tap "My Devices", select "Request Energy Bridge" and follow the simple instructions there. Expect to receive your Energy Bridge within a week. When you receive your Energy Bridge, open the IT'S YOUR POWER App, select "Begin Energy Bridge Setup" from the "My Devices" section and follow the simple instructions.

Click here to check out our unboxing video for additional information.

When will I begin seeing historical usage?

When you first sign on to IT'S YOUR POWER, a message is sent requesting your historical usage to be displayed in the App. It may take up to 24 hours for your App to update with historical usage. If after a day you are still not seeing your historical usage displayed, contact support at 877-427-0626 or by sending an email from the App Help Center.

At the bottom of the 24-hour usage dial are tabs, "Always On" and "Refrigerator". What information is provided there and how can it help me?

The 24-hour dial shows exactly how much total electricity is being used, or demanded, at any given time. This total "load" reflects all appliances, all lighting, all electronics, all devices pulling power. To begin to understand ways to manage the load, it can be helpful to look at electricity used by different components, for example your refrigerator load to see if there are ways to lower usage and save money. Your "always on" load corresponds to the power drawn by devices, appliances, lighting, plug loads, etc that are constantly drawing power. To experiment with ways to change behavior and reduce electricity usage, you could try unplugging or turning off equipment to see the changes.

Why does the IT'S YOUR POWER App only show one of my addresses?

The IT'S YOUR POWER App only supports your primary AEP Ohio account.

If I move, does my address change automatically in the App?

Yes, as long as you have made the changes to transfer your service in My Account, then when you move the address will also change.

I love IT'S YOUR POWER! Now other members of the household want to see it on their smartphones. Can we download the App to multiple phones and all see the same information?

Yes, anyone can download the IT'S YOUR POWER App. To see your home's electricity usage, simply sign on with the username and password you use to access your online account at AEP Ohio My Account. Keep in mind the actions taken on any one smartphone will affect what others see – since all information is tied to the same AEP Ohio electric account.

Every now and then, I notice gaps in my real-time usage dial. What is happening?

It may be that the distance between your smart meter and your Energy Bridge is just far enough that the communications between the two are fading in and out. Try moving your Energy Bridge a few feet closer to see if that helps. If it doesn't, or if you have additional questions, contact support at 877-427-0626 or by sending an email from the App Help Center with a screen shot for details.

How can I capture a screen shot when I want to share information with others?

For iOS, from the screen you want to capture, simultaneously press your smartphone's on/off button and the Home button. If successful, the screenshot will appear in your Photos and may be shared via email or SMS.

For Android, from the screen you want to capture, simultaneously press your smartphone's on/off button and the volume down (-) button. If successful, the screenshot will appear in your Photos and may be shared via email or SMS.

I would like to have the benefits of seeing my energy usage on my IT'S YOUR POWER App but my home does not have a smart meter (AMI meter). What are AEP Ohio's plans to roll out AMI meters to additional customers?

AEP Ohio has a plan, gridSMART Phase 2, to install smart meters in nearly 900,000 additional Ohio customers over the next four years.  That plan is currently pending approval from the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio and approval is expected by the end of 2016.

I have lost my smartphone. How can I deactivate the IT'S YOUR POWER App?

You can protect your information by going to AEP Ohio My Account and resetting your password. Even if someone is able to activate your smartphone, they won't be able to access the App.

Energy Bridge FAQs

When setting up the Energy Bridge, it requires being connected to my router via Ethernet cable. I have only a few ports on my router and would prefer to go Wi-Fi. Is that possible?

Absolutely. You only need to connect the Energy Bridge to the router during initial setup. After that, you may follow the instructions on the IT'S YOUR POWER App to set up the Energy Bridge with Wi-Fi.

I have an Energy Bridge installed and will be moving away. Can I take the Energy Bridge with me to my next home?

The Energy Bridge is the property of AEP Ohio and must be returned when you close your AEP Ohio account at your current address. Please contact customer support at 877-427-0626 or by email to YourPowerHelp@aep.com to obtain a shipping label. The Energy Bridge will only be useful in homes enabled with smart meters (AMI) so it is unlikely that it would benefit you in your new home.

However, if your new home is equipped with a smart meter (AMI meter) and served by AEP Ohio, you may login with the credentials associated with your new electricity account and request a new Energy Bridge for your new home.

Thermostat FAQs

I am interested in a thermostat. How do I order a thermostat?

If you have not already requested a thermostat, we hope to make this option available to all customers with an Energy Bridge in the near future.

I have received a thermostat. Do I install this myself, or do I need an installer?

Thermostats may be installed by homeowners or installers. A detailed instruction guide is provided with thermostats and include detailed instructions, specifications and troubleshooting tips. If you would prefer a trained installer, AEP Ohio is able to provide a list of those trained on the Powerley thermostat. Contact the Support team through Help Center in the app to assist.

How do I control the thermostat?

The thermostat may be manually adjusted, or once included in the IYP app, may be controlled through the app.

What am I able to control in the thermostat manually?

You are able to manually change the setpoint on the thermostat for both heat and cooling mode. Refer to the manual for detail instructions.

Am I able to control my HVAC unit through the app?

Once the thermostat is "included" in the IYP app, thermostat readings are able to be viewed and adjusted. There are a few different methods.

  • On the main usage screen, select the HVAC tab. The HVAC status and cost characteristics are displayed. Select "Adjust mode"

How do I configure the HVAC type on the app?

Go to My Devices>Settings. There are a number of settings that you may then configure. These include temperature units, swing temperature, temperature calibration (offset) and system type. It is important the that system type be set according to the type of HVAC system that you have.

I do not know what type of HVAC system that I have and how to configure.

It is important that you refer to your HVAC manual or consult with an HVAC consultant if unsure.

Can I change the brightness of the thermostat display?

Yes, go to My Devices>Thermostat>Settings and scroll to brightness. You can then chose Low, Medium, High and Auto mode.

Am I able to set rules on the thermostat?

Rules may be set on the app only.

Does the Powerley thermostat support Auto Mode?

No, the thermostat only supports Heat and Cool mode. No Auto capability is currently available; however may be incorporated in the future. You will know when Auto is available, by the appearance of Auto button in future versions of the App.

Are there automatic schedules set for the thermostat?

At this time no automatic templates are available, however may be coming with future releases. Watch for new features in future versions of the app.

How do I create themostat rules?

You can set multiple rules in 2 ways in the app.

  • Go to Rules in the main menu and chose the + to create a rule, or go to My Devices>Settings and press the + sign to create. The following illustrates the + in either method.
  • This will bring up the conditions configuration screen.
  • First select the "Set Condition" button.
  • Choose the days of the week and the time of the day or night that this condition applies to.
  • Select the action that you would then want to perform.

What are some examples of weekly schedules that may be set and how would I set them?

The following would be some suggestions for a weekly schedule:

Scenario 1 – This is winter. I am away during the work week; leave home at 8:00 am and return at 4:00pm. I am home during the day on the weekends and prefer my home to be warm. I prefer a cooler temperature when sleeping.

  • Let us do the M-F schedule
    • Create Rule 1
      • Select Monday to Friday 8:00am – set temperature to 66F
    • Create Rule 2
      • Select Monday to Friday 3:30 pm – set temperature to 70F
    • Create Rule 3
      • Select the entire week 10:0pm – set temperature to 68F
    • Create Rule 4 (warm the house during times when preparing for work)
      • Select Monday to Friday 6:00am – set temperature to 70F
  • Let us do the Weekend schedule
    • Create Rule 1
      • Select Saturday and Sunday 9:00am – set temperature to 70F

Can I control my thermostat from outside my home?

Yes, with your mobile app you are able to view your settings, temperature and control.

Are my family members able to control my thermostat?

Yes, if they have the IYP app on their mobile device and log in with the same customer account.

What is temperature offset used for?

Temperature Offset is a feature that lets you adjust the room temperature reading +/- 5°F. This helps if your thermostat is in a slightly warm or cold spot, or if the room temperature does not match your old thermostat.

You will find the temperature offset adjustment in My Devices>Thermostat>Settings.

What is Swing temperature used for?

Swing is the difference between target and room temperature before the heat or cool will turn on.

You will find the swing temperature setting adjustment in My Devices>Thermostat>Settings.

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